Ultrasonic Kit for Raspberry Pi Model B

Ultrasonic Kit for Raspberry Pi Model B

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Ultrasonic Kit for Raspberry Pi Model B

This is an UPDATED Sunfounder LCD Ultrasonic Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested in Raspberry Pi.
A complete set of Raspberry Pi most common and useful electronic components.
Detailed tutorials including project introduction and their source code will come with the kit.
There are 14 projects in the project booklet.
Raspberry Pi is NOT included, the GPIO Extension Board is not suitable for B+

Product Description


Technical Details:
Lesson 1 Blinking LED
Lesson 2 LED Flowing Lights
Lesson 3 Controlling an LED by a Button
Lesson 4 Tilt-Switch
Lesson 5 Buzzer
Lesson 6 RGB LED
Lesson 7 Four Digits 7-Segment Display
Lesson 8 Relay
Lesson 9 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
Lesson 10 Servo
Lesson 11 Thermistor
Lesson 12 Photoresistor
Lesson 13 LCD1602
Lesson 14 Controlling an LED Based on Web

Component list
1x 1602 LCD Module
1x Breadboard
20x Female to Female Dupont Wire
40x Male to Male Dupont Wire
1x Project Box
8x Resistor - 220Ω
4x Resistor - 1kΩ
4x Resistor - 10kΩ
4x Resistor - 100kΩ
1x Resistor - 1MΩ
1x Resistor - 5.1MΩ
1x Ultrasonic
1x Ultrasonic holder
1x 4 digit 7 segment
2x NPN Transistor
1x FET Power Transistor
2x Diode (Rectifier)
1x Diode (Zener)
1x Motion Sensor (Tilt Switch)
1x Light Sensor (Photocell)
1x Temperature Sensor
2x Button
1x Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)
1x Servo Motor
4x Green LED
8x Red LED
4x Yellow LED
1x Piezo Buzzer/Speaker
1x Relay
1x ADC0832
1x GPIO Extension Board
80x Pin Header
1x Booklet
1x Micro DVD
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Additional Information

Name Ultrasonic Kit for Raspberry Pi Model B
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Überweltigend By Lucas Lietz 2016-07-01 09:14:40

Das Set kommt in einer wunderschönen Plastik-Box, enthält sooo viel Zubehör, Anleitungen und Co.. Würde auch 10 Sterne geben.
Danke dafür!

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I am having fun creating different electronics projects (from Raspberri Pi website). You need to use the CD that came with if you want to create the projects that come with the book. By tech dude 2016-05-24 07:53:17

Love the products!

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