Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case - Red White


The Official Raspberry Pi Zero W  Case comes in the same stunning red and white as the full-sized case for the Raspberry Pi 3. It is made from the same tough plastic and again features the Raspberry Pi logo etched into the lids. Did I say lids? Well, this case comes with three white lids:
  • Solid
  • GPIO access (allowing access to the pins for HATs, pHATs and/or jumper cables)
  • Camera mount & lens hole
It also comes with an exclusive short FFC cable that will connect your official camera module to your Raspberry Pi Zero. Also included with the case are four sticky, silicone pad that fits into the indents on the underside of the case.
The underside of the case features a cut-out for the GPIO pins which means you always have access to expand your Raspberry Pi and add sensors, LEDs, switches, and all manner of other things.
The case is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi Zero including the new Raspberry Pi Zero W.

  • Applicable Version: Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W
Package List
  • One Set of ABS Zero Case x 1
  • FFC Cable for Camera x 1
  • One Set of Silicone Pad x 1
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