SunFounder Servo Control Board Wireless Version for Arduino Nano and NRF24L01

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The expansion board integrates pin sockets for Arduino Nano, NRF24L01 and 12 servos together with a DC-DC circuit. You can use this board to control a robot or some other devices that contain multiple servos.  

It can be used as the servo control board in robot projects.  
NOTE:  The supply voltage must be within the limit required.



  • Integrates pin sockets for Arduino Nano and NRF24L01 
  • Integrates a DC-DC circuit of 5V 3A 
  • Carries pin sockets for 12 servos 
  • Working voltage: 7-12V; with a power switch on the board 
  • Easy to use with remote control for your projects 


Package List

  • Servo Control Board Wireless Version x 1


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