Raspberry Pi Pico Smart Car Kit for Beginner

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SunFounder PiSloth robot kit

About SunFounder:
The SunFounder team is always at the forefront of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and IoT. From the first Hard-Copy Manual to the CD Manual, and now Online Tutorials, we have been working on providing a better learning experience for users and improving the efficiency of learning programming.
About the Pico Car:
 SunFounder Pico-4wd robot car kit is based on Raspberry Pi Pico, a small, fast, and versatile board designed by Raspberry Pi.
Equipped with customized expansion boards, 4-wheel drive, multi-function modules, and 3 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards. Combining these modules can realize diversified functions and brilliant lighting effects.
The kit includes a Raspberry Pi Pico with soldered GPIO pins. Comparing the Pico to Arduino boards such as Nanos, the Pico can be programmed in MicroPython and has more computing power and a higher performance ratio.
The car kit is open source, providing schematics, structure diagrams, and source code. All information is available in one online tutorial: pico-4wd-car.rtfd.io.


  • The Pico Car Kit is a fun, Raspberry Pi Pico based, robotics kit for beginners (14+ Teens), and adults who wish to learn Raspberry Pi Pico programming, electronics assembly, and robotics. (Includes Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered GPIO pins)
  • Raspberry Pico Car has a variety of modules, including ultrasonic modules, grayscale sensors, speed sensors, etc and three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards. Moreover, this 4-wheel drive car with Pico RDP can also be customized for interesting functions.
  • Pico robot building kit can perform obstacles avoidance, object tracking, speed measurement, mileage calculation, line following, and cliff detection. The car is also surrounded by three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards that can display cool light effects and direction indicators.
  • This robotic kit also includes MicroPython code, tutorials, as well as the customizable application SunFounder Controller.
  • The Raspberry Pi Pico-4wd robot car kit is completely open source, with diagrams of structure, schematics and source code available.

Includes 3 8-Bit WS2812 RGB Boards Strips, each LED can be independently controlled to display an array of colors.

You can also DIY some interesting functions of the multifunctional SunFounder Pico Car.

Sound Effect

Radar Sampling

With an ultrasonic radar, it can follow objects and avoid obstacles precisely.

Blockly and Python Program

Velocity Measurement

With the speed sensor module, you can always confirm and adjust the speed of your car on the APP, and it also calculates the mileage.

Multi-type Device Remote Control

Line Following

A grayscale sensor is included for cliff detection and line following. To make the project more exciting, you can combine it with WS2812 RGB boards.

Package List

  • Raspberry Pi Pico × 1
  • Speed Module × 1
  • Grayscale Semsor Module × 1
  • 8-Bit WS2812B RGB × 3
  • Pico RDP × 1
  • Encoder Disk × 2
  • Ultrasonic Module × 1
  • Motor × 4
  • Servo × 1
  • Top Plate × 1
  • Bottom Plate × 1
  • Support × 4
  • Radar support × 1
  • R2056 Rivet × 4
  • R2655 Rivet × 12
  • R3055 Rivet × 6
  • Battery Holder × 1
  • Wheel × 4
  • M1.5x 4 Self-tapping Screw × 4
  • M3x8 Self-tapping Screw × 4
  • M1.4x6 Screw × 6
  • M2.5x6Screw × 10
  • M3x6 Screw × 12
  • M3x28 Screw × 10
  • M1.4 Nut × 6
  • M3 Nut 6 × 12
  • M2.5 x 11Standoff  × 6
  • M3X30 Standoff × 7
  • Screwdriver × 1
  • 5-pin Wire × 2
  • 4-pin Wire × 4
  • 3-pin Wire × 5
  • Riboon × 1
  • USB Cable × 1
  • Zip Tie × 4

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