SunFounder 16 Channel 12 Bit PCA9685 PWM Servo I2C Driver Shield

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When you connect multiple PWM signal pins, most I/O ports of the control board will be occupied and PWM ports may then be insufficient. This SunFounder 16-channel 12-bit PCA9685 PWM Servo I2C Driver can work it out as long as your control board supports I2C communication. It only occupies two I/O ports to connect 16 channels of PWM signal. In addition, it can connect at most 62 driver boards by cascading with another I2C port and control each driver board by addressing, thus controlling up to 992 servos.


  • A PCA9685 PWM Driver with I2C ports.  
  • Uses only two I/O pins to control 16 PWM outputs, or connects at most 62 driver boards by cascading with another I2C port to control up to 992 PWM output.  
  • 16 output ports with headers in three colors for quick plugging in the servo wires correctly. 
  • With a power indicator; 12V max for the external power supply.  
  • 12-bit resolution for each output - for servos, that means about 4us resolution at 60Hz refresh rate.  


  • Frequency: 40-1000Hz 
  • Number of Channels: 16 channel. 
  • Resolution: 12 bit. 
  • Input Voltage: VIN DC12V (Max) ;VCC 5V 
  • Dimension: 74 * 32 mm 

Package List

  • SunFounder PCA9685 PWM Driver Module x 1 
  • 4 Pin Anti-reverse cable x 2 
  • 2 Pin Anti-reverse cable x 1 

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