Raspberry Pi Robot Kit - PiSloth

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SunFounder PiSloth robot kit

A Perfect Robotic Kit for Learning Robotic Knowledge While Playing

SunFounder PiSloth is engineered for the Raspberry Pi platform with many great and interesting talents and it supports DIY customization by creating your own head masks.
This DIY robot kit has 4 movable joints (the corresponding turning angles ranging -90°~90°) that can perform bionics actions, such as walking, standing, dancing and so on. PiSloth provides you interesting family activities for parents and kids to have a hands-on experience together and learn robotic knowledge at the same time.
No matter beginners or more experienced makers, our professional high-quality tutorials allow users to quickly advance their skill sets and acquire a solid knowledge base in robotics programming. 


  • PiSloth is a Bionic robot with an aluminum alloy structure. Engineered for the Raspberry Pi platform, the robot kit can talk, dance, and even express emotions, such as happiness and excitement.
  • The robot can be programmed with 22 different actions, such as: Stomp, Swing and MoonWalk, you can also customize the actions according to your needs.
  • The PiSloth's eyes are a pair of send & receive ultrasonic sensors, which are used for obstacle avoidance, distance measurements, and proximity detection.
  • Beginners can program the robotics kit through Ezblock- SunFounders easy-to-use graphical interface, and more experienced makers can use the more traditional Python programming language.
  • Professional high-quality tutorials are available online, allowing users to quickly advance their skill sets and acquire a solid knowledge base in robotics programming.
dancing robot
Sound Effect

Blockly Programming

If you are a programming newbie, we provide Ezblock Studio APP compatible with IOS, Android and Windows that is a block-based visual programming software that can guide you to grasp the programming.

Blockly and Python Program

Python Programming

If you prefer the traditional program environment — Python, PiSloth introduces the RPi environment configuration and the methods of running, providing Python example codes and checking running effects.

Multi-type Device Remote Control

Multi-type Device Remote Control

The UI design of our programming software - Ezblock Studio is very friendly for you to control PiSloth by Ezblock. (Ezblock can be used on cellphone, tablet and desktop) You can control the direction of its movement on the page of remote control.

Blockly and Python Program

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