SunFounder NAS Kit for Raspberry pi 4B 3B+ 3B 3A+ 2B, NAS Hat, Dual fan, Micro SD card Included

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About NAS Kit

  • SunFounder NAS Kit is designed for raspberry pi to explore its' storage and functions, which will be a great tool for raspberry pi fanatics.
  • The NAS kit is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/ 3B+/ 3B/ 3A+/ 2B.
  • It helps you get more storage for the raspberry pi by adding two hard drives at most.
  • The NAS kit can cool your raspberry pi automatically. The detailed basic information of raspberry pi and hard driver will display on the E-ink screen of the      NAS kit. Of course you can DIY the shape of acrylic plate.
  • The NAS kit applies the OMV system(OpenMediaVault). You can not only save your private files safely, but also can share your files to public.
  • The acrylic plate is designed for 2.5 inch hard drive. You can use 3.5 inch hard drive but it can't be put in the case. 2.5 inch hard drive is recommended to      use.

Note: Raspberry pi and hard drive are not included in the package.
lease download the manual in>learn>Project>NAS kit.
If there is not indication on the display, please re-clone the NAS git code and install it. And you can get further solution from SunFounder.

The NAS kit is composed with acrylic plates, dual fans, nas hat, micro sd card and so on. It allows you to DIY the shell of NAS Kit.

E-Ink screen

- 24pin FPC interface for connecting the ink screen and 4 control keys, it is easy to use and read the data of Raspberry Pi CPU and disk usage.

- Note:

Please remember to switch the mode of E-ink display to manual screen refresh mode, whose default setting is auto screen refresh mode. Manual screen refresh mode will prolong the life time of E-ink display.

Good Heat Dissipation

- Working automatically when the CPU temperature exceeds 54 degrees


- NAS network is based on OpenMediaVault. Enter the management system by entering the IP address in the browser.

The Powerful OMV System

Package List

  • NAS 3mm Transparent Acrylic Kit x 1 
  • NAS HAT x 1 
  • Sata to USB Hard Drive Cable ( length 0.45M) x 1 
  • SiLicone Pad x 4 
  • Dual Fan x 1 
  • Screwdriver x 1 
  • Micro SD Card (8G) x 1 
  • Heat Sink x 3 
  • M3 x 26mm Nylon Standoff x 6 
  • M3 x 13 + 6mm Single-pass Nylon Standoff x 6 
  • M2.5 x 11mm Nylon Standoff x 6 
  • M2.5 x 8 + 6mm Single-pass Nylon Standoff x 6 
  • M2 x 12 Screws x 10
  • M2 Nut x 10 
  • M3 x 8mm Screws x 10  
  • M2.5 x 6mm Screws x 14