Sound Sensor Module

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The sound sensor has a built-in capacitive electret microphone which is highly sensitive to sound. Sound waves cause the thin film of the electret to vibrate and then the capacitance changes, thus producing the corresponding changed voltage. Since the voltage change is extremely weak, it needs to be amplified. So it is converted into a voltage ranging from 0 to 5V, which is received by data acquisition unit after A/D adapter conversion and then sent to an MCU.

The module can be applied to noise monitoring in traffic artery, and detection of noises within the boundary of industrial enterprises, factories, and construction sites, detection of noises in urban regions, and noise detection and assessment of living surroundings.

  • A sound sensor module that can act as a microphone. The sensor receives sound waves and converts them into electrical signal, so it can detect the sound intensity in ambient environment. 
  • Particularly sensitive to the intensity of ambient sound. 
  • High precision, good universality, high cost performance. 
  • Working voltage: 3-5V DC; PCB size: 2.0 x 2.0 cm. 
  • Voice Sensor module x 1 
  • 3-Pin anti-reverse cable x 1