25KG High Torque Servo- DS-S020 Metal Gear Digital Servo for RC Robot Cars/Crawler Robot

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SunFounder DS-S020 Digital Servo esepcially designed for RC Robot Cars Crawler Robot, Using advanced potentiometer and stainless steel gear material to make sure the high speed, strength and accuracy of the servo. It really realized high torque better than other seller same servo motor.


  • Large Torque - 25KG Servo Motor 6.0V (≥22 kg·cm) - 7.4V( ≥27 kg·cm)
  • High Rotation and Long Life - 180-degree rotation. Well-controlled from 0 to 180 degrees, and it can work for more than 200 hours.
  • High Precision - Using advanced potentiometer and stainless steel gear material to make sure the high speed, strength, and accuracy of the servo.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation - Make of half aluminum alloy frame design, small size, and high torque in order to cool the servo motor and good care for the servo motor when it is working
  • Widely Applications - Super high torque, higher precision, lower noise, prevent tooth sweeping, a good choice for high-speed vehicles, RC robots, and other automatical equipment.


  • Stall Torque:22kg/cm (305.5 oz/in) -27kg/cm (374.9 oz/in) 
  • No-load speed:0.20sec/60°-0.24sec/60°
  • Operating Voltage:6.0~7.4V DC
  • Pulse Width Range:500~2500 us
  • Weight:73±0.5 g
  • Operating Travel Angle: 180° ±10°(500~2500 us)
  • Max. Operating Travel Angle: 180°±10°(500~2500us)
  • Motor Type:NdFeB motor
  • Gear Type:Metal
  • Reduction ratio: 1/378
  • Left & Right Travelling Angle Deviation: ≤ 7°
  • Centering deviation: ≤ 1°
  • Horn Gear Spline: 25T/Φ5.9mm
  • Size: 5.5*2*4.3cm
  • Stall Current: 6.0V, ≤4.5A (Continuous stall protection for 5 seconds)
  • Rotating Direction: (2500us→500us), Clockwise and forward
  • Mechanical Limit Angle: 360°
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~+50℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20℃~+60℃
  • Connector:
  • Type: JR2.54/3Pin/Brown red-orange anti-reverse
  • Pin Assignment: Brown-GND, Red-Vcc,Orange-Signal / PWM
  • Mechanical Limit Angle: 360°

Package List

  • 25KG DS-S020 Digital Servo x 1
  • 25T Adjustable metal servo arm x 1