SunFounder PCF8563 IIC I2C Real Time Clock RTC and DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

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This mini-size Nano module integrates the PCF8563 RTC and DS18B20 temperature sensor. It works well with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and you can just plug the 5-pin female header into the Raspberry Pi to use the module. Besides, it has low power consumption and provides battery backup for continuous timekeeping.
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  • Integrates RTC PCF8563 and DS18B20 temperature sensor.
  • Provides battery backup for continuous timekeeping; Low power consumption.
  • Complete clock calendar functions include second, minute, hour, day, date, month and year timekeeping, which provides valid time until the year 2100 with leap year compensation.
  • Supports PCF8563 I2C output and DS18B20 digital output, so you just plug the ports into Raspberry Pi to use.
  • Working voltage: 3.3V; Dimensions: approx. 14*13*15mm/0.55*0.51*0.59’’.

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  • RTC Nano Module x 1
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