Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi (8 pcs)

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This set of heat sinks(4 piece) are made from high-quality aluminum and designed according to the size, height and heat generation of different chips, so as to be flexibly applied to the Raspberry Pi 4B. It comes with thermal adhesive already applied to the back making installation super easy. Clean the surface of the chip of any dust or grease then peel off the protective film and press the heat sink firmly onto the chip. 

  • Material: Aluminum alloy 
  • Quantity:4 
  • Dimension:14mmx14mmx6mm, 14mmx10mmx6mm, 9mmx9mmx5mm, 7mmx7mmx6mm. 
  • Color:Blue 
  • Paste material:thermal adhesive 
  • Aluminum Heat Sinks x 8