GY-68 Barometric Pressure Sensor Module

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BMP180 is a pressure sensor with high precision, small size, and low power consumption (3μA). It can be applied to mobile devices and its absolute precision can reach a minimum of 0.03hpa. ABMP180 uses the 8-pin ceramic leadless chip carrier ultrathin package and can be connected to all kinds of microprocessors through the I2C bus.

  • Pressure Range: 300~1100hPa (altitude -500m~9000m) 
  • Supply Voltage: 1.8V~3.6V(VDDA), 1.62V~3.6V(VDDD) 
  • LCC8 Package: leadless chip carrier package(LCC) 
  • Size: 3.6mm x 3.8 x 0.93mm 
  • Low Power Consumption: 5μA under standard mode. 
  • High precision: resolution 0.06hPa (0.5m) under low power consumption mode;     
  • Resolution 0.03hPa(0.25m) under high linearity mode. 
  • Temperature Output 
  • I2C Interface 
  • Temperature Compensation 
  • Leadless, comply with RoHS specification 
  • MSL 1 reaction time: 7.5ms 
  • Standby Current: 0.1μA      
  • No need of external clock circuit.
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor Module x 1 
  • 4pin Header x 1