Cooling Fan Hat With Oled Display for Raspberry PI

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Midsummer hot days sure can make anyone irritated. Similarly, when you use a Raspberry PI for too long, it starts heating up that risks your project and your setup. A simple, solution to avoid this heat dissipation and keep the system cool, we introduce to you an RGB cooling HAT.
The HAT is equipped with a high-power fan that is capable of adjusting the temperature according to the CPU to keep your Pi at its peak performance. Unlike other cooling fans, we have ensured that our Cooling HAT is stealthy-silent.
A 128x32 OLED screen can also easily be inserted directly into the HAT to display the real-time state of the RPi, such as internal memory, CPU, temperature, etc.
The HAT looks in style with 3 build-in RGB full-color programming lights whose color is manually adjustable to give you the especially good effects of running water LED light, horse Race Lamp, rainbow light and so on that you can achieve by sending out few commands directly.
Besides, all IO ports of RPi are led out for your convenient use.



  • Applicable Versions: Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B 
  • Fan Size: 40mm x 40mm 
  • OLED Size: 0.9 inch 
  • Size: 0.9 inch 
  • Type: OLED 
  • Color: Single White 
  • Communication Port: I2C 
  • The default settings of rotating speed 
Temperature  Rotating Speed









Package List

  • RGB Cooling HAT x 1 
  • 128x32 OLED screen x 1 


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