SunFounder Thales Kit- Basic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico with Detailed Online Tutorials

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One-stop Learning Electronics and Programming for Raspberry Pi Beginners & Software Engineer, we have prepared many interesting and practical examples for you, and collected a lot of authoritative related information, just turn on your computer and you can complete programming learning in one stop through our online tutorial and Pi Pico kit.

You can acces the online tutorials/user manual here:

learn electronics and programming.

Raspberry Pi Pico basic starter kit that everyone can use to learn electronics and programming.

No matter you are experts or beginners , this is the best suitable Raspberry Pi Pico basic starter kit for you to learn Pi Pico.
Connect a computer and start writing programs for your Raspberry Pi Pico using the MicroPython Language, you can code all you want on to the Pico, you'll find the new world.

based on the High-Performance Raspberry Pi RP2040

The brand new Raspberry Pi Pico kit based on the High-Performance Raspberry Pi RP2040.

An alternative to Arduino: You can use the RP2040 to run less complex projects when you don’t need the size and power of a full Raspberry Pi, but don’t want to develop in an Arduino platform.

Thoroughly documented: The RP2040 is accompanied by incredibly thorough documentation for both its MicroPython SDK and its C/C++ SDK.

More features of Raspberry Pi Pico:
. 264KB of SRAM, and 2MB of on-board Flash memory
. Castellated module allows soldering direct to carrier boards
. USB 1.1 with device and host support
. Temperature sensor
. Accelerated floating-point libraries on-chip
. 8 × Programmable I/O (PIO) state machines for custom peripheral support

First program! Hello, LED!

In this project, we will conduct a simple yet interesting experiment – using LEDs to create flowing LED lights. 74HC595 shift register is a type of chip that holds what can be thought of as eight memory locations, each of which can either be a 1 or a 0, and three inputs that you use to feed data into it a bit at a time.

LCD1602 Display Module

LCD1602 module is a display that has an LED backlight and can display two rows with up to 16 characters on each row. In this lesson, we will learn how to use an LCD1602 to display characters and strings.

High Performance Digital Standard Servo

Adjust the Pulse width, you can let the servo swing to a specific position. It is controlled by sending electrical pulses from your board. These pulses tell the servo what position it should move to.