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Hi, my name is PiCrawler. I would like to explore the new world of Raspberry Pi. Are you willing to play with me?
Why PiCrawler Stands out?
SunFounder PiCrawler is a quadruped robot kit with aluminum alloy structure for Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B  (Raspberry Pi not included).
Th Spider Robot Kit has four legs arranged symmetrically around the body and equipped with a camera module and ultrasonic module, which has color, facial, QR codes detection and Video Transmission function. What's more, it can take photos.
No matter beginners or more experienced makers, our professional high-quality tutorials allow users to quickly advance their skill sets and acquire a solid knowledge base in robotics programming. Please refer to the detailed Online Tutorials here: pi-crawler.rtfd.io

Robot HAT Makes Your PiCrawler Robot Kit More Possible
Robot HAT is a multifunctional expansion board that allows the Raspberry Pi to quickly become a robot. It has 12 PWM pins, 4 ADC pins, 4 digital pins, and 2 motor pins.
Robot HAT also comes with a Speaker, which can be used to play background music, sound effects and implement TTS functions to make your project more interesting. For more information, please refer to robot-hat.rtfd.io.


  • 【Raspberry Pi Robot】The PiCrawler is a flexible AI robot kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B, 3B+  (Raspberry Pi not included). Suitable for adults and teens, the PiCrawler is the ideal platform for learning robotics programming, OpenCV, TensorFlow and Deep Learning.
  • 【Various Actions】The Raspberry Pi Robot Kit can be programmed with different actions (13 actions examples provided for your reference, such as: push up, twist and wave etc). You can also customize the actions according to your needs.
  • 【Multiple Modes and Modules】The Robotics Kit includes a pan-tilt camera, an ultrasonic module, and allows for intelligent obstacle-avoidance, object-following, visual recognition capabilities (facial, QR codes, color recognition), voice output (TTS/sound effects/background music), and it can take photos.
  • 【Programing Software】PiCrawler supports both Python and SunFounder Ezblock language. Ezblock is engineered with an intuitive graphical-user interface to allow beginners to quickly master robotics programming, and can provide remote control through a web interface.
  • 【One-stop Online Learning & Programming】 Professional and high-quality online courses support reading, editing, programming and instant downloading of all of the provided code, and new content is updated continuously.

Music Mode

A speaker has already been inserted in the Robot HAT to realize TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effect, background music that brings you a good mood, etc. You can develop a funny interaction with this function.Such as, Programmable texted message "hello" to play when it sees your friends. There's a camera and music mode gives the Spider robot kit a sense of science and technology.

Real Time Video Transmission

You can record or take video of what the PiCrawler camera see. Realtime tracking of objects within visual range, sending back the positioning data. All the data are visible on the web/app, so you can even use it for deep research and experiments!

Obstacle Avoidance

PiCrawler has ultrasonic Sensor that can be used for experiments such as obstacle avoidance. Distance value can be read with your devices.

Python & Blockly visual programming

PiCrawler guides you to grasp the blockly Python program skill.It comes with free EzBlock Studio APP compatible with IOS, Android, Phone and Tablet. Learn the block-based coding skills while developing critical thinking skills.

AI Detectation (Color/Facial/QR Codes Recognition)

PiCrawler can separately realize the functions of color, facial and QR codes detection. Note: Only one color can be detected for one time (Support red orange yellow green blue purple)

Object Following

This Raspberry Pi Spider robot kit has many object detection functions, and after adding some algorithms, it can follow with the object, for example, you can let the car follow with the ball.

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