Pironman Raspberry Pi 4 Case, Raspberry Pi Mini PC - Aluminum Alloy Tower Case with Fan, Tower Cooler, M.2 SATA SSD Expansion Board, 0.96" OLED, IR Receiver and Power Button for Raspberry Pi 4

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Combo: without Raspberry pi 4 4GB + 32G TF Card
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SunFounder PiCar-X
  • Pironman is SunFounder's customized Mini PC Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (Not Compatible with Pi 3). Just connect the screen, mouse and keyboard, and you can use it for projects, office and entertainment. 
  • Pironman is an Aluminum Alloy Tower Case with Tower Cooler, M.2 SATA SSD Expansion Board, 0.96" OLED, IR Receiver and Power Button for Raspberry Pi 4. 
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Support M.2 SATA SSD

  • Support M.2 SATA SSD
  • Support M.2 SATA SSDs of 22mm width and lengths 30, 42, 60, and 80mm.
  • Supports TRIM and UASP.
  • Mount by opening the bottom of the case.
  • Storage interfaces: SATA ONLY.
    NVME/PCIe SSDs are NOT supported, the reasons are:
    1) NVMe SSDs may be bottlenecked by Raspberry Pi 4's hardware constraints, limiting their performance advantages.
    2) The Pi 4's USB ports might not provide enough power for stable NVMe SSD operation.Note: M.2 SSD is NOT included.
SunFounder PiCar-X
Tower Cooler & RGB Fan

Tower Cooler & RGB Fan

Tower cooler and silent RGB LED Fan can cool a 100% CPU load Pi to 39°C at 25°C room temperature.

Music Mode

OLED Display

With the 0.96'' OLED screen, you can see the Raspberry Pi's CPU usage and temperature, and IP address.

Obstacle Avoidance

Safe Shutdown

Using the power button, you can wake up the OLED screen or turn on/off the Pironman in safe mode.

IR Receiver

IR Receiver

Equipped with an infrared receiver for multi-media center like Kodi or Volumio.

Music Mode

Micro SD

User-friendly design with flexible micro SD card slot for easy to use.

Obstacle Avoidance

GPIO Extension

Reserved the Raspberry Pi 40pin interface for making interesting projects.

Python & Blockly visual programming

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

With built-in cooling solution and M.2 SATA SDD interface, you can turn Pironman into a NAS for Whole-Home File Sharing.

Music Mode

Home Assistant

You can have Home Assistant in Pironman to control your smart home devices, with a focus on local control and privacy.

Obstacle Avoidance

3D Printing

Pironman can be used as a host for 3D printing for long and stable use.

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