8x8 64 Pixels RGB Dot Matrix LED Panel Individually Addressable for Raspberry Pi I2C Control 24 bit color Programmable

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SunFounder Piarm robot kit


This is a module with 8 × 8 RGB LEDs on board. It also has a SH1.0-4P I2C control interface, which is convenient to connect to other I2C devices or other single-chip microcomputers.

  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Lamp bead: FM-N3535RGBW-SH
  • Drive mode: SLED 1734X LED driver
  • Communication method: I2C
  • Brightness: 256 levels adjustable
  • Color depth: 24 bit (R/G/B each 8 bit color, 256 x 256 x 256=16777216 colors can be combined)
  • Resolution: 8*8=64 DOTS
  • Pixel pitch: 1.5mm
  • Dot size: 36.5mm*36.5mm


Created a continuous animation of Pac-Man eating dots. You will see a Pac-Man appearing on the RGB Matrix HAT, and it moves from left to right and leave after eating the rightmost dot.

Greedy Snake

Use the RGB matrix HAT as the display screen to create a snake eating game by reading the values of the keyboard keys to change the display effect.

Camera Recognition

Make a color recognizer, connect a camera module to the Raspberry Pi, process the objects captured by the camera, and express its colors with RGB Matrix HAT.

Scrolling Messages

Make RGB Matrix HAT display different characters in different colors. You can make static characters, or scroll messages R~G~B.

Christmas Tree

Made a Christmas tree with point coordinates. You can also make other pattens that you like as Love, emoji, and etc.

Moving Eyes

Draw an eye pattern and achieve the effect of moving the eye around. You can make a pumpkin lantern.