SunFounder Da Vinci kit- Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi with 331 Pages Detailed Tutorials, Support Python, C Language, 30 Projects Included

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SunFounder Da Vinci Kit for Raspberry Pi comes with detailed online tutorials of 40 lessons for reference and learning provided, including 36 basic I/o lessons and 4 simple practical examples. We recommend you to read our online tutorial first:, if you think this kit is suitable for you, then decide to buy it.

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Da Vinci Kit is a basic kit suitable for intelligent beginners, it contains 26 commonly used input and output components and modules and a number of basic electronic devices (such as resistors, capacitors) that can provide powerful assistance in your programming learning.

In the light of the kit, you can learn some basic knowledge on Raspberry Pi, including the installation method of Raspberry Pi, knowledge of Bash shell, and GPIO. Having understood this knowledge, you can start programming.

It supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, 3 Model A+, 3 Model B+, 3 Model B, 2 Model B, 1 Model B+, 1 Model A+, zero W, and zero. This kit contains 2 detailed PDF tutorials, one (Tutorial.pdf) using C and Python, another (Processing.pdf) using Raspberry Pi 4. When you receive the item, please check whether the number of components in compliance with the product description and whether all components are in good condition. If it's not the same as the list, please contact our seller.


  • SunFounder Da Vinci kit applies to the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, 3 Model A+, 3 Model B+, 3 Model B, 2 Model B, 1 Model B+, 1 Model A+, zero W and zero. 
  • Using the components and chips of the Kit, you can create different scenes and phenomena and explore more application by yourself. 
  • Including various components and chips that can help to create various interesting phenomena which you can get via some operation with the guidance of experiment instructions. 
  • 40 Projects for Raspberry Pi beginners. 


  • Reversing Alarm - In this project, LCD, buzzer and ultrasonic sensors are used to make a reverse assist system. You can put it on the remote control vehicle to simulate the actual process of reversing the car into the garage.
  • Password lock-  The keypad and the LCD can be used to make a combination lock. The LCD will display a corresponding prompt for you to type your password on the Keypad. If the password is input correctly, “Correct” will be displayed.
  • 'Welcome'- PIR can sense the movement of pedestrians. Used with servos, LED, buzzer,it can simulate the work of the sensor door of the convenience store. When the pedestrian appears within the sensing range of the PIR, the indicator light will be on, the door will be opened, and the buzzer will play the opening bell.

40 Projects for beginners

  • Lesson 1 Blinking LED
  • Lesson 2 RGB LED
  • Lesson 3 LED Bar Graph
  • Lesson 4 7-segment Display
  • Lesson 5 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
  • Lesson 6 LED Dot Matrix
  • Lesson 7 I2C LCD1602
  • Lesson 8 Active Buzzer
  • Lesson 9 Passive Buzzer
  • Lesson 10 Motor
  • Lesson 11 Servo
  • Lesson 12 Stepper Motor
  • Lesson 13 Button
  • Lesson 14 Slide Switch
  • Lesson 15 Relay
  • Lesson 16 Potentiometer
  • Lesson 17 Keypad
  • Lesson 18 Joystick
  • Lesson 19 Photoresistor
  • Lesson 20 Thermistor
  • Lesson 21 DHT-11
  • Lesson 22 PIR
  • Lesson 23 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  • Lesson 24 MPU6050 Module
  • Lesson 25 MFRC522 RFID Module
  • Lesson 26 Tilt Switch
  • Lesson 27 Simple practical examples 1
  • Lesson 28 Simple practical examples 2
  • Lesson 29 Simple practical examples 3
  • Lesson 30 Simple practical examples 4
  • Lesson 31 Counting Device
  • Lesson 32 Smart Fan
  • Lesson 33 Battery Indicator
  • Lesson 34 Motion Control
  • Lesson 35 Overheat Monitor
  • Lesson 36 Alarm Bell
  • Lesson 37 Morse Code Generator
  • Lesson 38 GAME– Guess Number
  • Lesson 39 GAME– 10 Second
  • Lesson 40 GAME– Not Not