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SunFounder PiCar-X
  • Euler Kit from SunFounder is a Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Kit with detailed online tutorials. There are 320+ components and 113 projects included, each of which shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principle, and an explanation of the code used in the project to teach you electronics and applications programming.
  • Using our online tutorial and Pi Pico kit, you can learn electronics and programming in one stop for Raspberry Pi and Arduino beginners and experts. We have prepared many interesting and practical examples for you, and collected a lot of authoritative related information. Online tutorials: euler-kit.rtfd.io
  • About SunFounder: The SunFounder team is always at the forefront of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and IoT. From the first Hard-Copy Manual to the CD Manual, and now Online Tutorials, we have been working on providing a better learning experience for users and improving the efficiency of learning programming.

ESP8266 Experiment - Plant Monitor

ESP8266 comes with built-in TCP/IP networking software, GPIOs, and a microcontroller that allows it to integrate with sensors and other application-specific devices.                                                                              This is a smart watering system experiment, temperature and humidity will be detected and displayed on the SunFounder Controller. When you press the pump button on the APP, plants will be replenished with water. Upon reaching a certain level (determined by the water level sensor), it will automatically stop pumping.

Robotic kits for teens and adults

Build your own remote control car

A perfect tech toy to build your own robot and explore endless learning activities.

  • PLAY IN EzBlock - Provides visual programming software - EzBlock Studio to guide you to grasp the programming, There are 14 examples to help you completely grasp the blockly program skills
  • PLAY IN PYTHON WITH WEB CONTROL - A web control page for your operation, applicable to your smart phone/tablet/desktop and so on.
  • The mounted camera module, ultrasonic module, line tracking module can separately realize the functions of color detection, face detection, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic line tracking, etc.
  • TTS(TEXT-TO-SPEECH) - A speaker has already been inserted in the Robot HAT to realize TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effect, background music, etc.
  • ROBOT HAT - Used SunFounder-designed Robot HAT as the driving module, PiCar-X integrates the motor driving, servo driving and presets ADC, PWM, Digital pins for function extension.

Support 3 Popular Programming Languages

Real-time Video Transmission

Piper Make- 16 projects

You can use a Pipower with TS7-Pro Raspberry Pi Display, then it will become a Portable Raspberry Pi Monitor, so that you can work anytime anywhere. Note: Pipower is not included

Line Tracking & Cliff Detection

C++(Compatible with Arduino IDE)-38 projects

Plug in the Gamepad/Joystick and install Retropie system, with the 1024x600 high resolution and built-in speakers, 7 Inch raspberry pi monitor can provide the high-quality visual experience required for games.

AI Detection(Color/Face Recognition)

MicroPython-59 projects

Compatible with Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2/NoIR, can be used to view the captured images, videos and identify objects.

Multiple interesting and practical projects you can do with the Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Kit

Python & Blockly visual programming

4-digit 7-segment display

The 4-digit 7-segment display works independently. Using the principle of human visual persistence, it quickly displays the 7-segment characters in a loop to form continuous strings.

Music Mode

Electronic Piano

In this project, the SunFounder Controller button widget is used as the piano keys, and the Pico is connected to a passive Buzzer to simulate an electronic piano.

Obstacle Avoidance

Aid in Reversing

In this project, a Parking Assist System will be made by combining LEDs, buzzers, and ultrasonic sensors. Using it on the remote control vehicle, we can simulate the actual process of reversing the car into the garage.

Python & Blockly visual programming

Digital Bubble Level

A bubble level is an instrument that determines whether the surface is horizontal or vertical. There are many types of spirit levels used by builders, bricklayers, surveyors, and some photographers.    MPU6050 and 8x8 LED Matrix are used to make the digital bubble level. Deflection of the MPU6050 will also affect the LED Matrix bubble.

Music Mode

Room Temperture Meter

In this project, we made an indoor thermometer using a thermistor and LCD1602 modules. Through the formula conversion to the Celsius temperature display on the I2C LCD1602 Module, thermal resistance senses the change in ambient temperature.

Obstacle Avoidance

RFID Music Player

Through the MFRC522 module, we can write information (up to 48 letters) to the card (or key),which includes not only the key and identity information but also the music score.                           It's easy to find more sheet music on the Internet, or you could even write your own, put them into the card (or key) and share it with your friends!

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