The Mainboard(RM101 V2.0) for 10.1'' 1280x800HDMI Touchscreen

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LED Indicators

There are 2 LED indicators on the main board of the screen to show different signals:

  • Power on the screen, after the green LED flashes one time, it lights on continuously; and the red LED lights on immediately.
  • If there's no HDMI signal, only the red LED will turn on.
  • If there's an HDMI signal, these two LEDs will turn on.
  • If you press the power button, the green LED will turn off and the red LED will keep turning on.
  • If you remove the power cord, both of the two LEDs will turn off.


Buttons on the main board and their functions:

  • Power: Short press to switch ON/OFF(go into the sleep mode) the screen. Long press to power ON/OFF the device(Raspberry Pi).
  • B+:Increase screen brightness.
  • B-:Reduce screen brightness.
  • V+:Volume up.
  • V-:Volume down.

On one side of the main board there are ports of HDMI input, 12V power input, and 5V/3A USB power output.

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