TTP223 Touch Sensor Module (5 pack)

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The capacitive inching touch switch module is based on touch monitoring IC (TTP223B). Generally, it outputs a low level with low-power consumption mode. If there is a touch around the sensing area, the module will output a high level; accordingly, the mode will be switched to a fast mode. With your finger removing from the sensing area for 12s, the mode will be switched back to low-power consumption mode.


  • Operating voltage: 2~5.5V DC; 
  • Inching Mode: Low level in the initial state, high level with a touch, low level without touching (similar to the soft-touch button); 
  • Low-power consumption; 
  • Double-sided touch panel, a great substitute for soft-touch button; 
  • 4 × M2 screw mounting hole; 
  • Easy-mounting. 

Package List

  • Touch Sensor Module x 5 

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