Raindrop Sensor Module

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When wired with a 5v supply, the power light will be on. When the sensor detects no raindrop, D0 is high and the indicator keeps out. Drop some water onto the sensor. The more drops, the lower value at A0. When the value of A0 is smaller than the value set, D0 will change from high to low and the indicator will light up.


  • A raindrop sensor to detect whether it is raining and also the rainfall. The raindrop sensor module and the analyser are made separately for convenient wire leading.
  • Use a comparator chip which gives outputs a clean and stable digital signal and features a driving ability of 15 mA.
  • Adopt a comparator LM393 to output both digital and analog signals at the same time.
  • With power light and signal output indicator; adjustable sensitivity by a potentiometer.
  • Working voltage: 3.3-5V DC; PCB size: 3.3 x 4.6 cm.


It is widely used in the automatic wiper system, smart lighting system and sunroof system of automobiles.

Package List

  • Raindrop Sensor module x 1
  • Raindrop Sensor analyser x 1
  • 2-Pin ribbon cable x 1
  • 3-Pin anti-reverse cable x 1
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