Rotary Encoder Module

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The module can count by rotation the pulses output both clockwise and counterclockwise. Different from potentiometer, the counting is unrestricted. It can be restored to the original state by the button on the module, i.e. counting from 0.


  • A module that measures the rotational speed and supports quick speed control with PWM technology.
  • Use an incremental rotary encoder.
  • When you rotate an incremental rotary encoder, it will output the corresponding pulses. It has no fixed starting point; it starts just from the position in last operation. It supports multiple circles of rotation which can be measured.
  • Working voltage: 3-5V DC; PCB size: 2.0 x 2.0 cm.
  • 3-Pin anti-reverse cable included.


It is widely applied in fields such as steel, harbor machinery, hoisting machinery, pressure machinery, glass machinery, packaging machinery, etc.

Package List

  • Rotary Encoder module x 1
  • 5-Pin anti-reverse cable x 1
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