SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi

SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi

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Picar-V is an open-source robot learning kit based on Raspberry Pi. Equipped with a wide-angle USB webcam, it is powerful together with three whole new circuit boards and less but simpler wiring.
Some constructure plates in a well-designed structure, solid, durable, and shatterproof. Complete code suitable for almost all platforms to control the car. Python code is provided for the car, and you can also program and debug it with Dragit, a Snap-based graphical interface, by just simply dragging and dropping the code blocks for complex functions
There are many ways to control the robot remotely: with the app on PC (works on any OS), you can control the car and the cam's direction on the UI and view the image it takes in real-time; or, with the related code, realize the same functions on a web browser, means it can work with any mobile phones, tablets, etc.

  • STEM LEARNING KIT - Perfect choice for beginners to learn Raspberry Pi (Compatible with RPi 4B/3B/3B+/2B/B+, Pi is NOT included), robotics, electronics, and program. Picar-V is a funny way for children and parents to work together to build and use.
  • UPGRADE VERSION - Improved technology based on user feedback. Support solid plate and the white Servo Motor can well be protected by Torsion protection, Power failure protection after overload.
  • IMAGE TRANSMISSION - Wide-angle USB webcam to real-time image/video transmission.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Remote control with the UI on PC or on a web browser (mobiles, tablets…)
  • EASILY CODING - You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with a visual programming language software or Python code.

Package List
  • Plate set x 1
  • Robot Hats x 1
  • PCA9685 PWM Driver x 1
  • TRA9118A Motor Driver x 1
  • 18650 Battery Holder x 1
  • SunFounder SF006C Servo x 3
  • 120° Wide-angle USB Camera x 1
  • Rear Wheel x 2
  • Front Wheel x 2
  •  Ribbon (30cm) x 1
  • Cross Screwdriver x 1
  • Several wires, Needed screws, nuts, Wrenches, and standoffs

Self-provided Parts
2 x Flat Top 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V) without protection circuit board

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Amazing Build! By Smart Home Ninja 2020-01-01 22:56:29

Truth be told, this build took me about four to five hours to put together. I would say that 80% of the work was the actual physical building and putting the pieces together. While the other 20% was propagating and setting up the client and application as well as dependencies.

This project is definitely possible for an intermediate or even a beginner if carefully following the instructions. I was able to get the web client up and see the video from the camera while adjusting the pan and tilt and driving the car wirelessly using a couple of 18650 batteries.

Basically all you need is the Raspberry Pi two, three, or four boards and pretty much an SD card pre-loaded with Noobs or flashed with a fresh raspbian image and at least two 18650 batteries with a charger and extras on hand if you want to really be prepared!

It comes with all the tools and instruction guide and there's some great tutorials and wikis online for this product. There's also some other examples like: I saw a project for object detection, and getting the car to follow a red ball among other GitHub repositories for the Smart car.

I highly recommend it to everybody and anybody that is either a hobbyist or even just starting to adopt and a beginner with Linux or raspbian.

You just have to be very careful at following instructions and have a decent pattern recognition for matching up the parts with the manual. I figured it out all on my own without having to do any crazy troubleshooting and the only couple of times that I had some missteps was because I had skipped ahead before missed a small detail along the way. I loved this smart car so much, that I am seriously considering a lot of future business with sunfounder because of this Pleasant and delightful experience!

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Very satisfied with this kit. By dubser 2019-07-19 17:49:58

I just finished the start of this Kit, which I interfaced with a RPI3b. Everything advertised works properly and the documentation is accurate and error-free leaving little room for interpretation. The written documentation provided with the kit is also available on the Sun Founder website. Their site completes the writing and gives the references for all the modules used. The operation with an Android console is quite fluid. All software is open and visible on GitHub including the Android interface built with MIT Application Inventor. Provides a very comprehensive source of examples for those interested in robotics and to a lesser extent Iot.

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This Kit is very useful to learn Python coding, object tracking, camera control, VNC, and so on. By Pickle 2019-06-27 02:46:23

"I bought Sunfounder Smart Video Car Kit V2.0 to learn the object (ball) tracking. It had a red color ball tracking python program in the package. It worked but not well tracked the ball. So I researched the OpenCV tracking programs and HSV color, then modified the code. And also modified the camera pan & tilt control code to bring the ball at center of display ASAP.
During the assembly I broke one copper standoff by tight screwing (I didn’t think it was tight), and broke the plastic at front tire due to tight screw (ditto). There were some spare copper standoff so it was no problem. And I glued the plastic parts.
Overall this Kit was very useful to learn Python coding, object tracking (part of OpenCV), camera control, VNC (Raspberry Pi display/monitor on PC without HDMI), and so on."

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I highly recommend this kit. By seth 2018-05-19 11:44:02

"Man, what a blast! Within a few hours I had it up and running, following objects autonomously! This thing has personality.
Don't use brute force on any parts!!! If one of the brackets for a servo is to tight, file it down.
Consult their youtube page / website, I believe there are updated instructions for the software install portion.
I really didn't think the fun I had from Sunfounders quadruped kit could be topped; but this one did!"

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Quality robot car kit! By NWMK 2018-04-23 18:01:28

This robot car kit came well organized and packaged in a nice plastic case with two latched lock closures. It was great to put together with my 11 year old son who had no difficulty in following the graphical directions. The pieces were easy to identify through either the pictures in the instructions or for the small nuts and screws, they were clearly labeled in bags for each section in the directions. When we were done, we had successfully identified and used the correct pieces as all were accounted for. The components were well made, solidly built, giving the robot car some serious heft—it feels substantial when complete. It took my son about 1.5 hours to construct the robot. So far, we are impressed. The next step is to program the robot which we will do in our next weekend project.

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Great all-inclusive electronics learning kit By Leo 2018-04-21 09:58:49

"I purchased this as a gift for my 7 year old daughter. Since we homeschool, I'm already excited to find good STEM projects that will hold her interest and be educational as well. We're very excited to start on this and did a little bit at a time while she learns about electronics and then has the satisfaction of a really cool and interactive toy that she'll spend many hours playing with.

I love that it comes with absolutely everything needed to complete the project, very clear instructions. While it is more complex than a simple ""snap together"" item, it still has clear enough guides to follow along and complete a really fun electronic toy."

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This kit is PERFECT for high-school-age and above budding robot enthusiasts By sipy 2018-04-20 13:05:51

TL;DR - Outstanding platform for robotics experimentation. Expect some challenges wading through the software setup environment. Ages: 9+ for hardware assembly, 12+ (with assistance) for software setup, 5+ for driving around using the smartphone app. *** Don't forget to buy 2x 18650 batteries and a charger!! *** Python and web-based software environments.

This kit is PERFECT for high-school-age and above budding robot enthusiasts, "serious" robotics experimenters and anybody who already has their own software - but just needs a hardware platform to run it on. ONE (happy) CAVEAT - Once it's set up, kids as young as 5 can easily drive it around using the remote-control smartphone app! (It's a lot of fun!!!)

The physical assembly of this kit is trivial. You can use just the supplied tools, but I found that having a small needle-nose pliers helped me when attaching the standoffs on the Pi + board stack.

The manual has a typo here and there. It repeatedly refers to the SD card as a "TF" card, and one of the color diagrams shows the cable colors in reverse. But don't worry, the connectors are "keyed", which prevents you from hooking them up backwards.

If you are new to programming you may have some trouble navigating the various README files, application notes, server settings and github repositories that this kit uses. You can find enough information to get the software for this car going, but (as of Aug. 2017) there appears to be no *single* source of all this information. I used two git repositories (one for Picar, and one for Picar-V) to get the client and server going, and found no less than three (3) Arduino apps ("Video Car Controller" buy SunFounder, "PiCar Controller" and "RaspberryPiCar" from others) - each of which had various usability issues. The server software makes assumptions about install directories and port number - so install it below your user's home directory ($HOME or ~, in Linux), and don't change port numbers until after you get it all working!

The web-based app currently only works on systems with a touch-screen interface. This means it should work on tablets and smartphones, but it will not work on your home computer with a mouse without changes. (The web server only hooks the "touchstart" javaScript event, and not the "mousedown" event.) This would be easy to change, but it's not for the "uninitiated". ;)

I had some issues with the remote control web client's video feed not working over a VPN, but have not had any problems over the local LAN. I worked around this by launching a second browser window, and pointing it directly to the video feed URL. (The issue might have nothing to do with the VPN, and everything to do with the video feed being handled as a background "image", using CSS. More experimentation needed on this...)

I was able to drive the car around using the remote-control web interface (including live video feed) for over one solid hour. When I drove only on hardwood floors and used the slowest motor speed setting I could achieve slightly over 2 hours of drive time.

This kit is capable of driving over carpet, although higher pile/rougher terrain will certainly require higher speed/torque setting - with reduced drive time. Don't expect this kit to climb rocks or drive in loose sand. It was designed for indoor use, and has exposed wires and circuit boards.

Edit: Substitute longer M2.5 spacers (x4) between the car and the Raspberry Pi to raise the Pi high enough to allow you to use the HDMI port without disassembling the car.

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High quality kit, great for education and fun By Merlin 2017-09-27 17:43:03

This is a really great kit for experimenting with the hardware and software aspects of your Rasperry Pi. Everything can be customized, extendend and modified. Assembling the kit takes only a few hours, the documentation is complete and clear. Everything works at once out of the box. Source code is available and the basic server functionality simply works, so it took us only a few days to develop a genuine Android app for controlling the car (called PiCar Control - freely available on the Play Store), which makes it even more fun! With this kit, my 12 year old son improved his skills in electronics, assembling, JAVA programming, Android development, PYTHON programming, and Linux all at the same time with lots of fun. In my opinion, it is the best kit for the Raspberry Pi on the market!

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