SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi

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Picar-V is an open-source robot learning kit based on Raspberry Pi. Equipped with a wide-angle USB webcam, it is powerful together with three whole new circuit boards and less but simpler wiring.
Some constructure plates in a well-designed structure, solid, durable, and shatterproof. Complete code suitable for almost all platforms to control the car. Python code is provided for the car, and you can also program and debug it with Dragit, a Snap-based graphical interface, by just simply dragging and dropping the code blocks for complex functions
There are many ways to control the robot remotely: with the app on PC (works on any OS), you can control the car and the cam's direction on the UI and view the image it takes in real-time; or, with the related code, realize the same functions on a web browser, means it can work with any mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • STEM LEARNING KIT - Perfect choice for beginners to learn Raspberry Pi (Compatible with RPi 4B/3B/3B+/2B/B+, Pi is NOT included), robotics, electronics, and program. Picar-V is a funny way for children and parents to work together to build and use.
  • UPGRADE VERSION - Improved technology based on user feedback. Support solid plate and the white Servo Motor can well be protected by Torsion protection, Power failure protection after overload.
  • IMAGE TRANSMISSION - Wide-angle USB webcam to real-time image/video transmission.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Remote control with the UI on PC or on a web browser (mobiles, tablets…)
  • EASILY CODING - You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with a visual programming language software or Python code.
Package List
  • Plate set x 1
  • Robot Hats x 1
  • PCA9685 PWM Driver x 1
  • TRA9118A Motor Driver x 1
  • 18650 Battery Holder x 1
  • SunFounder SF006C Servo x 3
  • 120° Wide-angle USB Camera x 1
  • Rear Wheel x 2
  • Front Wheel x 2
  •  Ribbon (30cm) x 1
  • Cross Screwdriver x 1
  • Several wires, Needed screws, nuts, Wrenches, and standoffs

Self-provided Parts
2 x Flat Top 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V) without protection circuit board

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