L298N Motor Driver Board Module Stepping Motor for Smart Car Robot

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L298N is a high voltage and current motor driver chip produced by ST company. With a 15-pin package, it has these features: high working voltage with a 46V maximum, high output current with the transient peak up to 3A, the continuous working current can reach 2A and the rated power can be 25W. Two H-bridge full-bridge drivers that work in high voltage and current can be used to drive the DC motor, stepping motor, relay coil, and other inductive loads.

  • Module Name: Dual H-Bridge Motor Drive Module
  • Main Control Chip: L298N 
  • Logic Voltage: 5V 
  • Drive Voltage: 5V~35V 
  • Logic Current: 0mA~36mA 
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃~+135℃ 
  • Weight: 30g 
  • Maximum Power: 25W 
  • Overall Dimension: 43*43*27mm 
  • L298N Motor Driver Board x 1