RasPad 3-A Portable Raspberry Pi Tablet to Learn & Program in Mins

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Raspberry Pi 4 2B+32G TF Card: without Raspberry pi 4 2B + 32G TF Card
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RasPad-Raspberry Pi Tablet


RasPad is a portable tablet tailored for you to start making immediately and working efficiently.
With better neatness and portability compared with other computers, this is an upgraded, enhanced, and improved RasPad 3.0.
An ideal programming tablet perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B. What’s more, is that it’s open-source and specially designed for physical computing projects.
A programmer’s paradise! An open-source, portable, wireless tablet with a straightforward software speeding up your creative journey. Turn your ideas into real-life working projects.

RasPad with all developing ports available, including Ethernet, HDMI, Audio, USB, and Power. 10.1” multi-touch screen with 720P IPS screen. Equipped with Micro SD, atterystatus,Volume/Brightness Control, and On/off.
Features 3 x USB 3.0 port, and 5 hours battery potability. Extent RasPad with a side-monitor to double boost efficiency.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Windows and more


RasPad 3.0 is compatible with Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Windows and more, we also added a TF card extension design. You can instantly swap out micro-SD cards to change OSes without opening the back cover.

Thanks to an iPad like user experience brought to you by 10.1” responsive touchscreen and quick and interactive RPi OS. It is really an ideal IoT project companion as it can help you create millions of applications.

One-stop Learning Electronics and Programming for Raspberry Pi Beginners & Software Engineers. For Raspad, we are preparing some fun examples and putting it together with the online documents, making users know how to use Raspad and what RASPAD can be used for. It provides you a better reading experience, and our team has been continuing to improve the tutorials. Now we released an Online Tutorial. Unlike the traditional paper documents or PDF manual, online tutorials will bring a more friendly UI design with good user experience. Most of the operations can be finished in the online documents. Such as programming, you can open the programming software directly and copy the codes or download the code to your computer. You will get the timely update and abundant content from SunFounder in the online documents.  Detailed online tutorials for RasPad 3.0

Did we mention endless possibilities!

RasPad 3- Home Assistant's Better Choice
Build Project via GPIO

Build Project via GPIO

The GPIO interface has been retained for super easy connectivity. RasPad boosts your hardware prototype efficiency with 10+ times faster. We make the GPIO open for everyone that you can build fancy projects anywhere anytime.



Raspad 3.0 support Blockly and Python, you can use Blockly to learn programming logic, then work with Python to upgrade your programming skills. Just choose the programming language you love in the RasPad OS, and start by create a new project of yourself.

Creat IOT projects

Creat IOT projects

This is an example of a smart home IOT project, RasPad can remotely control Lamp or more other devices through IOT to build your Smart Home IOT Project.

RasPad 3.0 is an ideal IoT project companion as it can help you create millions of applications. such as Smart Ligtht Switch, Smart Device Control, Smart Curtain Control, Security Cam Control and etc.

As a 3D Printer Monitor

As a 3D Printer Monitor

The RasPad 3.0 can be used as a project dashboard, like make a personal datacenter about your 3d printer and the objects that you can adjust your printing process in time and make a record of your creative hacking & printing journey.

Supports the Latest Scratch 3.0

Supports the Latest Scratch 3.0

A learning system of RasPad to allow you to explore immersive learning resources and create a tool or instrument of your own.RasPad 3. 0 supports the latest Scratch 3.0.

Step by step guide allows you to transition from beginner to advanced maker in no time.

Start to Play Games

Start to Play Games

With the 1280*800 high resolution, RasPad 3.0 can provide the high-quality visual experience required for games.

Built in speakers with realistic stereo surround sound and equipped with an acceleration sensor, which can rotate the screen bring convenient for immersive gaming experience and watching movies.

Package List

  • RasPad x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • Micro SD Card Extension Board x 1
  • Fan x 1
  • FFC Cable x 1
  • Accel SHIM Module x 1
  • Heat Sink x 1
  • M2.5x9 Screw x 1
  • M2.5x4 Screw x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Ethernet Cable x 1
  • HDMI Cable x 1
  • Type C Cable x 1
  • Micro HDMI Cable x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Manual x 1

NOTE: The Raspberry Pi 4B Board is not included.