Raspberry Pi UPS Power Supply Module V2.0 Supports Pass Through Charging, 5V/3A Lithium Battery Power Pack Expansion Board

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  • PiPower is a power supply module for Raspberry Pi with recharging function. It can output 5V/3A power supply to meet various Raspberry Pi usage situation, working perfect with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 3 Model B, 2 and Raspberry Pi 1 B B+. Also supports other boards powered by USB (5V/3A) such as Rock Pi 4C/Banana Pi/ODROID-C4/NanoPi M4/Tinker Board and etc.
  • With Pass through Charging function, it can charge the battery while powering to the Raspberry Pi.
  • It has 4 power indicators; each indicator represents 25% of the power, and is equipped with a power switch to turn on/off the power of the Raspberry Pi without plugging or unplugging the power cord. 
  • When the battery power is low, you can insert a 5V/0.5A ~ 2A USB cable to charge the batteries, and the charging indicator will light up and turn off when fully charged. 
  • You need to use two 18650 flat top rechargeable batteries. The larger the battery capacity, the longer you use. You can choose according to your needs. learn more details, please refer to our online tutorials: pipower.rtfd.io


  • Please purchase qualified batteries.
  • When installing the batteries, pay attention to the poles - place batteries based on the "+" and "-" marks on the module and DO NOT connect to the positive and negative poles inversely.
  • Do not use batteries that are damaged in appearance.

Raspberry Pi Camera

When you use the Raspberry Pi camera outdoors, use pipower to provide longer life for your raspberry pi. Take more pictures as you want.

Raspberry Pi Monitor

Raspberry Pi display owner could not miss this pi power module! Especially works perfectly with SunFounder 7inch diy touchscreen, you can add it to the back of the monitor, and it can power the respberry pi. 

Protect Your Raspberry Pi

When you are working on a project with your Raspberry Pi, PiPower can keep your Raspberry Pi working when the power goes out suddenly, giving you enough time to save your data or wait until the power comes back.

Component List

  • 1 x PiPower Module
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Back Cover
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 6 x M2.5x6 Screw
  • 6 x M2.5x11 Nylon Standoff
  • 6 x M2.5x8+6 Nylon Standoff
  • 6 x M2.5x20+6 Nylon Standoff


  • Power for Raspberry Pi - A Power Supply Module designed for Raspberry Pi supports supply either with two 18650 Li-ion batteries or by the Micro USB port from extra power
  • LED Indicators - On the shield, there lies a 4-LED indicator showing the electric quantity of the batteries in 4 levels. Each indicator represents 25% of the power
  • Recharging Function - When the battery power is low, you can insert a 5V/0.5A ~ 2A Micro USB cable to charge the batteries, and the charging indicator will light up and turn off when fully charged
  • Easy to Assemble - PiPower is small enough to be carried with you and so light that it won't add too much weight to the pi. With detailed manual makes it easy to install
  • Output: 5V/3A, Input: 5V/0.5A-2A ,Dimension: 90mm x 56mm x 24mm