3.3V 5V FTDI232R USB to TTL Serial Adapter Module

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This USB to TTL serial adapter module can work with different types of computer systems and drivers. The power LED, TXD LED and RXD LED on the module can help indicate whether it works normally. With the build-in signal voltage switch, when you switch to 5V, the power at TXD and RXD will be 5V; if you switch to 3.3V, then the power is 3.3V. Therefore, if your device can take only 3.3V input, this module is a great choice. A 500mA self-restore fuse is used for over-current protection. The module can also be used for general serial applications.


  • Chipset FT232RL.
  • Pin Definition: RXD, 5V, TXD, GND.
  • With RXD and TXD transceiver communication indicators.
  • With a build-in signal voltage switch – select 5V or 3.3V for the power at TXD and RXD as you switch.
  • A female and a male serial port, thus supporting two connecting ways.

Package List

  • USB-to-Serial Adapter Module x 1

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