PiArm Robot Kit- A 3+1 DOF multifunctional Robot Arm Kit based on Raspberry Pi

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SunFounder Piarm robot kit

SunFounder Piarm is a 3+1 DOF multifunctional robot arm kit for Raspberry Pi. It features digging, picking, placing, holding objects, and so on through three individual parts - shovel bucket, hanging clips, and electromagnet. You can also DIY parts to replace them to achieve more functions with the piarm’s brain robot hat. The raspberry pi arm can be controlled by remote control and build-in dual Joystick on Ezblock, which is more friendly to raspberry pi beginners. Besides, more professional raspberry pi programming is also supported on Jupyter. For Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B.
Built with the upgraded metal structure and robot hat based on raspberry pi development, Piarm is easily to assembly and program. Three metal servo and one full metal servo make the robotic arm rotate with more power and in different directions.

NOTE: Raspberry Pi, batteries, and SD card are not included in the package.
18650 Rechargeable Li-ion batteries without a protective board are needed.


  • Upgraded Robotic Arm: PiArm is a three-degree-of-freedom robotic kit for adults and teens to learn raspberry pi robot and programming.
  • Flexible Robot Kit: consist of three different replaceable parts-shovel bucket, hanging clips and electromagnet, it can move from 0°to 90° to achieve different operations.
  • Dual Control Ways: you can control the robot arm directly by operate the dual joystick or remote control it on ezblock.
  • Visual Programming: Drag blocks on ezblock makes coding easily, suitable for beginners. Whiles professional python programming is also supported on Ezblock and Jupyter. Compatible models (not included): Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B.
  • Easy to Assemble: With detailed graphical tutorial and video, you can build the raspberry pi robot easily. You can also get the support from us at any times if there is any problems.
Sound Effect

Hanging Clip

With the hollow hanging clips, the piarm can pick and place objects within its scope of activity, 130g in maximum. Too small objects are not suggested.

Blockly and Python Program

Shovel Bucket

The shovel bucket will dig things from outside to inside. Here press the left button to let it rotate (angle increases). On the contrary, the angle of the shovel bucket will decrease after pressing the right button.

Multi-type Device Remote Control


Electromagnet brings more fun to the piarm. Using the magnetic force, it can hold the cola can and so on.