Dual-color LED Module

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A dual-color light emitting diode (LED) is capable of emitting two different colors of light, typically red and green, rather than only one color. It is housed in a 3mm or 5mm epoxy package. It has 3 leads; common cathode or common anode is available. A dual-color LED features two LED terminals, or pins, arranged in the circuit in anti-parallel and connected by a cathode/anode. Positive voltage can be directed towards one of the LED terminals, causing that terminal to emit light of the corresponding color; when the direction of the voltage is reversed, the light of the other color is emitted. In a dual-color LED, only one of the pins can receive voltage at a time. As a result, this type of LED frequently functions as indicator lights for a variety of devices, including televisions, digital cameras, and remote controls.

  • Use a dual-color LED that is capable of emitting light of two different colors, typically red and green, rather than only one color. 
  • The LED is a common cathode one. 
  • PCB size: 2.0 x 2.0 cm. 
  • Working voltage: 3-5V DC. 
  • Dual-color LED module x 1 
  • 3-Pin anti-reverse cable x 1