I2C LCD1602 Module

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As we all know, though LCD and some other displays greatly enrich the man-machine interaction, they share a common weakness. When they are connected to a controller, multiple IOs will be occupied by the controller which has no so many outer ports. Also, it restricts other functions of the controller. Therefore, LCD1602 with an I2C port is developed to solve the problem. It is also simple to handle. It has only two bidirectional data lines, a serial data line and a serial clock one.

How to wire:GND—GND; VCC—VCC; SDA—A4 ;SCL—A5



  • Easy to use. Less I/O ports are occupied, only four - VCC, GND, SDA (serial data line), SCL (serial clock line).
  • Support the IIC protocol. The I2C LCD1602 library is provided, so you can call it directly.
  • With a potentiometer used to adjust backlight and contrast.
  • Power supply: +5V;
  • Address of the module: ox27.



Used to display Characters, letters, and Numbers.


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  • I2C LCD1602 x 1

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