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Attached with Bluetooth 3.0, SunFounder 10 Inch Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with Android, Windows, Linux and so forth. The controllable range is 10 meters. With high precision TouchPad, it can be single-click, double-click, wheel scroll button functions such as drag icon by a mouse. The keyboard integrates the function of both mouse and keyboard. Built-in Bluetooth module and rechargeable lithium batteries make it portable and simple; thus is convenient to carry. The lithium battery can be applied for three years, the Energy Saving and Auto Sleep mode is helpful to save more energy. (The keyboard will get into Auto Sleep mode without operation for ten minutes, but can be awoken by one click). 50 hours is the time of use with once charge. There are also Power and Status indicators on the keyboard, which are convenient for utilization.



  • Powerful Functions–Several special function buttons attached: power, status indicators, and high precision TouchPad. 
  • Compatibility–Attached with Bluetooth 3.0, it is compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux, and so forth. 
  • Portability– Ultra light and beautiful appearance make it easy to take anywhere. 
  • Power Saving–High capacity lithium battery is available for 50 hours utilization. It will come into Auto Sleep mode automatically without operation for ten minutes. 
  • Memory Function–If using the keyboard again, power it on and then press any key on the keyboard to awake. 


Package List

  • Bluetooth keyboard x 1 
  • USB cable x 1 
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Manual x 1 


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