SunFounder Da Vinci kit- Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi, 69 Basic and Advanced Projects Included

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SunFounder Da Vinci Kit is a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 400 4B/3B+/3B/3A+/2B/1B+/ 1A+/Zero W/Zero. Comes with 220+ components for learning electronics and application programming.

Interactive Online Tutorials

  • For this SunFounder Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, we provide 65 projects, each lesson shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code used for the project. Please refer to the Detailed Online Tutorials here:
  • Please refer to the Detailed Online Tutorials for SunFounder Da Vinci Kit

Supporting 4 programming languages

  • SunFounder Da Vinci Raspberry Pi Starter Kit contains 4 programming languages: Python, C, Scratch and Java (processing).
  • Python and C Language contains 45 projects arranged according to component types, for example using a keypad and a LCD to make a combination lock.
  • Scratch Language provides 10 projects with lively graphical programming. With great fun and strong interaction, a preferred language for beginners to learn electronics and programming.
  • Processing Language provides 10 projects. Processing is based on Java, whose program elements are fairly simple, easy to start even you are new to Java.


  • 【4 Programming Languages】Python (compatible with 2&3), C, Java and Scratch. 537-page detailed online tutorials (PDF, HTML and EPUB are downloadable) for raspberry pi beginners.
  • 【65 Interesting Projects】45 projects for C and Python (with 5 IoT projects), 10 for Java, 10 for Scratch. Each project has a circuit diagram and tested code with detailed explanation.
  • 【220+ Components】Comes with all the necessary components for learning programming, such as: I2C LCD module, infrared sensor, DHT-11, 9G servo motor, MPU6050 and many more.
  • 【Online Learning & Coding】One-stop shop for electronic and programming learning. A rich tutorial supports reading, editing, coding and instant downloading of the provided code.
  • 【Professional Support】Sunfounder has 10 years of Raspberry pi programming experience, our technical support team and customer service are always ready to help you.

Reversing Alarm

In this project, LCD, buzzer and ultrasonic sensors are used to make a reverse assist system. You can put it on the remote control vehicle to simulate the actual process of reversing the car into the garage.

Password lock

The keypad and the LCD can be used to make a combination lock. The LCD will display a corresponding prompt for you to type your password on the Keypad. If the password is input correctly, “Correct” will be displayed.


PIR can sense the movement of pedestrians. Used with servos, LED, buzzer,it can simulate the work of the sensor door of the convenience store. When the pedestrian appears within the sensing range of the PIR, the indicator light will be on, the door will be opened, and the buzzer will play the opening bell.

65 Projects for beginners