Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3B/B+ with 8g TF card Detailed Manual

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This Ultimate Starter Kit is designed for the Raspberry Pi hobbyists, equipped with the basic components to use the Raspberry Pi, including the TF card, the power cord, breadboard without soldering, colorful jumper wires, the RAB Holder for holding the Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi, some resistors, LEDs, buttons, and so on. It works with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, 2 model B, and 3 model B. This kit makes it possible for you to learn Raspberry Pi from scratch. Through this kit, you will learn the basics of using a Raspberry Pi - burning a system onto the Raspberry Pi and connecting it to the Internet, opening a Bash shell, and using GPIO for control. Next, to learn programming.
Besides, some basic experiments are prepared for you to learn, therefore you will master how to write the code for simple experiments. With this simple but useful kit, you will learn the Raspberry Pi with ease, and be fascinated with applying it for more creative making works!


  • Designed for the Raspberry Pi hobbyists, this entry-level learning kit leads you to step into the fantastic Raspberry Pi world from scratch.
  • With an elaborate instruction manual on how to use Raspberry Pi including installation Raspbian system and do experiments, also the code explanation, so as to understand the Raspberry Pi quickly.
  • With a RAB Holder large enough to install a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Uno or a Mega 2560, and a breadboard altogether, making it convenient for building projects.
  • Equipped with 8G TF card Raspbian Preloaded, USB cable, LED, resistors, and more other necessary components for Raspberry beginners.
  • T-Extension Board & 40-Pin GPIO Cable with pin name marked for convenient wiring in experiments; Raspberry Pi NOT included.


Package List

  • M2.5*6 Screw x 4
  • M3*6 Screw x 6
  • M3*10 Screw x 2
  • Resistor (220Ω) x 8
  • Resistor (1kΩ) x 8
  • Resistor (10kΩ) x 4
  • LED (red) x 8
  • LED (green) x 8 
  • LED (yellow) x 8
  • RGB LED x 1
  • Button x 5
  • TF Card x 1
  • Power Cord x 1
  • Color Code Calculator Card x 1
  • RAB Holder x 1
  • T-Extension Board x 1
  • 40-Pin GPIO Cable x 1
  • Breadboard x 1
  • Male-to-Male Jumper Wire x 65
  • Case for Raspberry Pi x 1


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