SunFounder Smart Video Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 5/4/3B+/3B/Zero W (Battery Included) PiCar-X

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  • About SunFounder: SunFounder is an 11-year-old STEAM and Maker education company that helps beginners to learn Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32 from zero to hero.
  • About PiCar-X: Discover Picar-X, the open-source Raspberry Pi AI educational robot tailored for beginners and engineers. Combining powerful features, exceptional quality, and a cool design, this robot car kit delivers an engaging learning experience in robotics, AI, and programming. Beyond being an educational tool, its powerful Robot Hat provides abundant resources for you to design and bring to life your own projects. Plus, it comes enriched with 15 comprehensive video tutorials, guiding you through each step of discovery and innovation. Embark on a journey of discovery and creativity with Picar-X, where young learners become budding innovators!
  • The Detailed Online Tutorials can be found here:
  • Online Tutorial:
    This tutorial is available in the following languages
    Deutsch Online-Kurs
    English Online-tutorials
    Please click on the respective links to access the document in your preferred language.

AI Detection: Equipped with a camera, PiCar-X recognizes faces, colors, QR codes, hand gestures, and traffic signs for an interactive experience.

Objects Recognition: PiCar-X's advanced capabilities include recognizing nearly 90 different objects using pre-trained models from Tensorflow.

Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with an ultrasonic module, PiCar-X intuitively navigates around obstacles in its path.

Cliff Detection: With PiCar-X's intelligent design, rest easy knowing it won't tumble off high surfaces like desktops.

Music Mode: The car features a speaker for Text-to-Speech conversion, sound effects, and ambient music to enhance your overall experience and mood.

Python & Blockly Programming: You can explore each feature in-depth with Python or utilize a Blockly-based app for quick and engaging play.

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