Arduino DIY Lizard Robot Kit for Beginners and STEM Education with Detailed Tutorials

Arduino DIY Lizard Robot Kit for Beginners and STEM Education with Detailed Tutorials

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  • SunFounder Arduino Robot kit - Perfect STEM Robot Kit for beginners to get hands-on experience about Arduino program and electronics.
  • Product Upgrade - Structure upgrade, such as the curving structure of the joint and the perfect Sunmao of the robot. Upgrading acrylic and servo motors make it more firm and solid.
  • Easy to assemble- Improving structural design makes it much easier and very convenient to assemble
  • Remote Control - With the IR receiver module, you can control the robot to move. Obstacle avoidance and Line Follower Module can also be added.
  • Profession support-providing the visual programming and quick-responding technical support.100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Fun to build By Travis 2019-12-05 01:59:54

Yes I am a grown adult who received one of these as a birthday gift. However I am an engineer so it works well for me.

Putting it together was pretty easy. Only one step gave me pause, and it was perfectly clear what to do, I just thought it wasn't right. On part 3 step 3 I wasn't sure where the instructions said to route the servo cord was right, but I finally followed the instructions and it worked great.

I will give one piece of advice. DO NOT SKIP TESTING THE ELECTRONICS. I did, and regretted it. My electronics worked great. No quality problems there. But I forgot a common thing with RC/Hobby servos. When they are shipped, often times they are not centered. Testing them would have left them centered. Since I didn't, when I assembled mine, My lizard's joints went to extremes and could not be centered through software. So I had some rework to do.

If you are thinking about it, I would go for it. Not to complicated and well made. Moves pretty nice too.

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