Arduino Starter Learning Kit V2.0

Arduino Starter Learning Kit V2.0

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  • From simple to comparatively difficult lessons, the kit enables you to learn about Arduino and electronics in a progressive way, with self-designed modules.
  • With detailed user manual containing 22 projects, covering thorough experiment descriptions, schematic diagrams.
  • Quick-responding technical support for free.
  • Free to view and download code, Fritzing files and datasheets in the LEARN section on SunFounder website.
  • The Sunfounder UNO R3 development board is included.


With this kit, you can learn some simple experiments at first, like lighting up an LED, and then some complicated experiments. For example, some experiments about modules. By learning this kit, you can apply Arduino from entry to master. 

21 Projects:
1 Controlling LED by Button
2 Controlling LED by PWM
3 Interactive LED Flowing Lights
4 LCD1602
5 Buzzer
6 Tilt-Switch
7 Answer Machine
8 Serial Monitor
9 Photoresistor
10 Controlling Voice by Light
11 Voltmeter
12 LM35 Temperature Sensor
13 One Digit 7-Segment Display
14 Stopwatch
16 74HC595
17 Relay Module
18 Stepper Motor
19 Servo
20 Joystick PS2
21 Infrared-Receiver

Package Including
SunFounder UNO R3
I2C LCD1602
RGB Module
AAA Battery Box
Jumper wires(male to male)x30
USB Cable
DuPont wire (M to F)x15
Active Buzzer
Passive Buzzer
74HC595 x2
IR Receiver
LM35 x2
Remote controller
Four-digit segment display
One-digit segment display x2
Stepper Motor Driver
Relay module
Stepper motor
Joystick PS2
Button x5
Tilt Switch x2
Anti-reverse Cables

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Another Great Learning Kit!! By Kenn 2018-05-22 10:57:00

Review of the SunFounder Starter Kit From Knowing to Utilizing for Arduino Uno R3 Mega Nano Circuit Board Jumper Wires Sensors Breadboard Electronics V2.0

Like all packages from Sunfounder, it arrived on time and with no shipping damage.

Earlier this year, my wife and I discovered the Raspberry Pi and we purchased some learning kits from Sunfounder. We have now expanded our knowledge base by including the Arduino board with our Raspberry Pi's.

This kit takes you from knowing nothing at all to a very good learning base within just a few days. The book is easy to follow and Sunfounder provides videos on their site to help. It is a great way to learn and have fun.

This kit includes lessons in the following: Lesson 1 Controlling LED by Button, Lesson 2 Controlling LED by PWM, Lesson 3 Interactive LED Flowing Lights, Lesson 4 I2C LCD1602, Lesson 5 Buzzer, Lesson 6 Tilt-Switch, Lesson 7 Building a Quiz Buzzer System, Lesson 8 Serial Monitor, Lesson 9 Photo Resistor, Lesson 10 Controlling Buzzer by Photo Resistor, Lesson 11 Voltmeter, Lesson 12 LM35 Temperature Sensor, Lesson 13 Digit 7-Segment Display, Lesson 14 Stopwatch, Lesson 15 RGB LED, Lesson 16 74HC595, Lesson 17 Relay Module, Lesson 18 Stepper Motor, Lesson 19 Servo, Lesson 20 Joystick PS2 and Lesson 21 Infrared-Receiver.

The Package includes the following: Project box, Booklet, I2C LCD1602, RGB Module, AAA Battery Holder, 30 x Jumper wire (Male to Male), Breadboard, USB Cable, 8 x LED (red), 5 x LED (green), 5 x LED (yellow), 8 x Resistor (220O), 4 x Resistor (1KO), 4 x Resistor (10KO), 15 x DuPont wire (M to F),
Potentiometer (50K), Active Buzzer, Passive Buzzer, 2 x 74HC595, IR Receiver module, 2 x LM35, 2 x Photoresistor, Remote Control, Four-digit Segment Display, Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Driver module, Servo, Relay Module, One-digit Segment Display, Joystick PS2, 5 x Buttons, 2 x Tilt Switch, 2 x 5-Pin Anti-reverse Cable, 2 x 4-Pin Anti-reverse Cable and 2 x 3-Pin Anti-reverse cable.

We have learned and are continually learning so much from these kits. My wife and I are not spring chickens so learning for us is not always easy but that has not been an issue yet.

Please see attached pictures for better descriptions.

Well-done SunFounder,

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Sehr schönes Produkt!!! By D. Metje 2017-01-07 22:32:32

Tolles Set für Einsteiger. Die gebohrte Acrylplatte ist nicht schlecht, nur sollte der Uno mit Kunststoff Abstandshaltern(5 mm) und etwas kleineren Schrauben befestigt werden, da der Schraubenkopf für eine Uno Befestigungsbohrung (hinter Resetbutton) zu groß ist und der Uno ohne Abstandsbolzen nicht vernünftig auf der Acrylplatte sitzt.

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これは楽しい! By HIRO 2016-06-29 17:07:07


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Everything is on a little circuit board that you connect with supplied cables. It is great for learning what various sensors can do, how you control them, and how you can use them together. By Brian J Grier 2016-05-23 15:34:45

A great kit to learn how sensors work

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