sozorablogでは、これからRaspberry Piを使ってみたい方に役立つ情報をお届けしています

・Raspberry Piの選び方
・Raspberry Piの購入方法
・Raspberry Piのセットアップ方法
上記の方法などをわかりやすく解説しています。 このサイトで学べば、初心者でも迷わずにRaspberry Piを始められます。

"sozorablog" provides useful information for those who want to start using Raspberry Pi.

・How to choose a Raspberry Pi
・How to buy a Raspberry Pi
・How to set up the Raspberry Pi
This site explains these methods in an easy-to-understand manner. If you learn on this site, even beginners can start Raspberry Pi without hesitation.

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Introductory course for the Arduino for complete beginner

An introductory course for the Arduino.

Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools

Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools

Arduino IoT Cloud For Busy People

Leverage your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and simple electronics to build IoT applications on the Arduino IoT Cloud.

Arduino Mastery Projects

Arduino Mastery Projects Fine-tune your new Arduino knowledge with these challenging projects.

Arduino Step by Step Getting Started

A comprehensive course designed for new Arduino Makers

Arduino Step by Step Getting Serious

A comprehensive reference guide for Arduino Makers.

Arduino: Make an IoT environment monitor

A project for new Arduino makers.

Make an Arduino Robot

Make an Arduino wheeled robot that can navigate towards a light source and avoid obstacles along the way.

Basic Electronics for Arduino Makers

With this course you will learn the basics of electronics that every new Arduino maker wish they knew BEFORE getting started with the Arduino.

Arduino Robotics with the mBot

Learn the world's friendliest educational robotics platform

Make an Arduino remote controlled car

A fun "mod" project for the Arduino.

Grove For Busy People

Learn how to use the Arduino but without the frustration of wires and components that don’t match. No more frustration.

ESP32 and ESP8266

ESP32 For Busy People

Use this powerful microcontroller to turbo-charge your Arduino projects.

ESP32 Unleashed

Use the ESP32 to create an Internet of Things gadget with PlatformIO and VS Code.

MicroPython with the ESP32

Learn how to use MicroPython with the ESP32 microcontroller.

ESP8266: Getting Started

A gentle introduction to the ESP8266.

KiCad,Fusion 360,Drones and Raspberry Pi

KiCad Like a Pro 3e

A book and video course for the world’s favorite open source printed circuit board design software.

Designing for 3D Printing with Fusion 360

Design one-of-a-kind 3D printed objects for your projects.

Make an Open Source Drone

Make a quadcopter based on open source software and hardware.

Make an Open Source Drone: More Fun

Upgrade your basic quadcopter with an autopilot and other fun features.

Raspberry Pi: Make a Workbench Automation computer

Use your Raspberry Pi to control your bench appliances and learn how to develop a touch application.

Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian

Experience the full process of developing a web application.


The Electronics Workbench: a Setup Guide

Setup your electronics workbench.

Git and GitHub For Beginners

Git & GitHub VCS Masterclass for Beginners – Master Practical Key Concepts and Workflow of Git and Git Hub

Data acquisition and automation with LabJack

LabJack is a data acquisition and control tool that is well-suited to a wide variety of industrial and non-industrial applications. LabJack has been used in factories, universities, schools and home labs for decades. This course is ideal if you want to record a lot of data about the real world from sensors so that you can analyse it later.

Oscilloscopes for Busy People

With this course, you will learn how to use an oscilloscope to capture, display, and analyse any electrical input signal.


List of courses

This page contains all courses available on Tech Explorations

1st Maker Mind Meld Summit

22 amazing Makers talk about how they create magic with electronics, software, wood, and plastic, and they break down their knowledge and process into  actionable steps so that you can learn and adapt skills that work.

Learn to mine cryptocurrencies (Video)

An unprofitable weekend project to help you understand the process of cryptocurrency mining.

Maker Education Revolution (eBook)

Maker Education as a model for education in the 21st Century.