SunFounder Raphael Kit- Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/400

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SunFounder Raphael Kit is a Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi

SunFounder Raphael Kit is a Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 400/4B/3B+/3B/3A+/2B/1B+/1A+/Zero W/Zero. Comes with 337 components and IoT Modules for learning electronics and application programming. For this SunFounder Ultimate Raspberry Pi Kit, we provide 131 projects, each lesson shows a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code used for the project. 

Supporting 5 programming languages

  • The SunFounder Raphael Kit is an exclusive Raspberry Pi advanced kit with five programming languages: Python, C, Scratch, Nodejs and Java (processing).
  • The Python Language contains 59 projects that can be used to build smart homes, video surveillance, voice interaction, etc.
  • The C language contains 44 projects arranged according to component types, for example using a keypad and an LCD to create a combination lock.
  • The Scratch language provides 18 projects with vibrant graphical programming. Learning electronics and programming using this language is fun and interactive, making it a great choice for beginners.
  • The Nodejs language provides 30 projects, including circuit programming and photo shooting.
  • The Processing language provides 10 projects. The processing is based on Java and its program elements are very straightforward, making it easy to get started even if you have no experience with Java.
Supporting 4 programming languages
  • 【Ultimate Raspberry Pi Kit】SunFounder Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit is suitable for all users, from beginners to advanced programmers. Containing a full range of components and sensor modules, the suite of 131 example projects will maximize the functionality of all Raspberry Pi models.
  • 【337 Components and IoT Modules】Comes with all the necessary components and IoT modules for learning application programming and exploring creative prototyping, such as: camera module, speaker, dot matrix module, I2C LCD module, infrared sensor, accelerometer, 9G servo motor, and many more.
  • 【Provided 161 Projects】The Raspberry Pi Accessories contains 161 projects of varying degrees of complexity. Encourage the creation of your own work with this kit, every lesson includes a circuit diagram, an overview of the operating principles, and an explanation of the code.
  • 【5 Programming Languages】Designed to meet the needs of programmers at every level, there are 161 lessons in five programming languages: 59 in Python, 44 in C++, 10 in Java(processing), 30 in Nodejs, and 18 in Scratch (The language of choice for beginners to learn electronics and programming).
  • 【One-stop Online Learning & Programming】SunFounders online learning platform provides a professional one-stop shop for programming the Raspberry Pi. With detailed tutorials and abundant content, supports reading, editing, programming and instant downloading of all of the provided code, and new content is updated continuously.
Interactive Online Tutorials

The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit with high quality components and 131 projects provided

  • SunFounder Raphael Kit-Exclusive Raspberry Pi Comprehensive Kit with 337 items, 161 projects.
  • SunFounder Raphael Kit includes 337 pieces and nearly all the necessary components, particularly the camera, speaker, and LoT modules that can enable functions like monitoring system, voice broadcast, and smart doorbell. Furthermore, it contains a number of commonly used modules as well as some basic electronic components (such as resistors and capacitors), which can be very beneficial for learning programming.
  • There are 161 projects for beginners and advanced programmers. Each project contains instructions for assembling the required components, implementing the steps, and explaining the code.You can finish each project and extend it even if you don't have experience in programming or circuits. Here you'll find lots of interesting projects,such as Security System, Alarm Bell, Morse Code Generator and Attendance System etc. Possibility of exploring more.

Interesting and practical examples for camera module and speaker

Speech Clock

Speech Clock

Now, let's build a simple Speech Clock with the Raspberry Pi. You can monitor the time and hear a voice announcement every hour on the hour by following our online tutorials. This is appropriate as a reminder for important dates at specific times. Don't forget to set the time zone before the experiment if the local time is different from the real time.

Camera with Shutter

Camera with Shutter

You can now build a simple camera if you get a camera module, a button, a LED, and some other components. Time to record all the beautiful moments, just press the button and the Raspberry Pi will flash the LED and take a picture, the picture will be saved to the /home/pi directory.

Attendance System

Attendance System

Here is a simple Attendance System. Imagine that it is 9:00am in the morning, you are ready to clock in at your company. Your name are written into the tag in advance, when the key tag is closed to the MRC522 module, the speaker will greet to you, and your name will be shown on the dot matrix module, then an attendance table will be generated by the raspberry pi automatically.

Package List

  • Camera Module × 1
  • Speaker × 1
  • 12C LCD 1602 × 1
  • Breadboard × 1
  • T-shape Extansion × 1
  • Keypad × 1
  • Ultrasonic Module × 1
  • Breadboard Power Module × 1
  • MFRC522 RFID Module × 1
  • Audio Power Amplifier Module2 × 1
  • Obstacle Avoidance Module × 1
  • Touch Sensor Module × 1
  • Speed Sensor Module × 1
  • Reed Switch Module × 1
  • DHT-11 Module × 1
  • Motion Sersor Module × 1
  • Rotary Encoder Module × 1
  • MPU6050 Module × 1
  • Dot Matrix Module × 1
  • 7-segment Display × 1
  • 4-Digit 7-segment Display × 1
  • Fan × 1
  • Relay × 1
  • Joystick × 1
  • Motor × 1
  • 9G Servo × 1
  • L293D × 1
  • ADC0834 × 1
  • 74HC595 × 2
  • Tilt Switch × 1
  • Thermistor × 1
  • Photoresistor × 1
  • Capacitor 10μF × 5
  • (10+10) x Capacitor 104/103 pF
  • (2+2) x Passive/ActiveBuzzer
  • (5+5) x 8550/S8050 Transistor
  • SlideSwitch × 2
  • Potentiomter × 3
  • MicroSwitch × 2
  • Button ( Size: 12*12) × 4
  • IN4007Diode × 2
  • ZenerDiode × 2
  • Button ( Size: 6*6) × 10
  • Button Cap × 4
  • 40Pin GPIO Cable × 1
  • 9V Battery Cable × 1
  • Audio Cable × 1
  • RGB LED × 1
  • LED Bar Graph × 1
  • LED/ Multiple Jump Wires/ Multiple Resistors × 25