SunFounder 3 in 1 Starter Kit for Arduino Uno

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SunFounder PiCar-X
  • About SunFounder: SunFounder is an 11-year-old STEAM and Maker education company that helps beginners to learn Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32 from zero to hero.
  • About Circuit Basics: Circuit Basics is a platform dedicated to providing easy-to-understand, educational content on electronics, programming, and technology. Founded by engineers, aim to share knowledge and inspire people to create and innovate using electronics. Circuit Basics offers a wide range of tutorials, guides, and articles designed for beginners and experts alike, making it an ideal resource for learning, exploring, and honing skills in electronics, programming, and technology.
  • About The SunFounder 3-in-1 Ultimate Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino
    The SunFounder 3-in-1 Ultimate Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino, designed for beginners aged 8 and above, is a versatile toolbox for STEAM education. It offers quality components for diverse projects, alongside expert courses from CircuitBasics, taking learners from basic experiments to advanced IoT and robot car projects. With hands-on experiences and continuous technical support, it's a top choice for an engaging tech-learning journey.
  • Technical Service:
     We are committed to providing continuous support for our product users. Our after-sales service includes a community forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, and timely technical assistance.
  • Expert-Designed Video Courses for Beginners
  • The courses cover fundamental concepts, such as the basics of electronics and programming, and gradually progress to more advanced topics, like IoT, robotics, and sensor integration.
  • Basic Projects
  • Advanced Projects- Robot Car
  • Advanced Projects-IoT

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