RasPad V2.0- A Raspberry Pi Tablet Built-in Battery, 10.1" Touchscreen, and Audio in One Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+ for IoT/AI Projects

RasPad V2.0- A Raspberry Pi Tablet Built-in Battery, 10.1" Touchscreen, and Audio in One Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+ for IoT/AI Projects

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SunFounder RasPad, an all-in-one portable Raspberry Pi tablet, with access to all the Raspberry Pi ports to connect any peripherals needed to create customized projects. Raspberry Pi is a great invention. But if you’re new to it, it’s confusing to know where to start, what accessories you’ll need, or how to set it up. iPads are known for being convenient, but it’s a closed source and only has 1 port; making it hard to customize and build. With RasPad, you can now create and program your projects anytime, anywhere. In addition, it can help developers of every level. Experienced developers can use it for complicated IoT/AI projects and beginners can use it to build creative projects easily right away. The intuitive interface gives beginners lets them start marking immediately after unboxing!

SunFounder RasPad gives you access to all the Raspberry Pi ports to create customized projects. The tablet is simple and compacted with all the accessories you need, so you can start programming and making anywhere. In addition, SunFounder has many intuitive instruction books to guide beginners as well. We made a Great success from Crowdfunding, received nearly 4000+ followers support.

  • 100% Compatible With The Raspberry Pi 3B+, You can start a sensor project in seconds.
  • A Mobile Workstation: Lightweight Frame, Built-in battery, 10” touchscreen, and Audio In One
  • All The Ports Of 3B+ Are Retained
  • Graphical User Interface Software Available
  • A Tablet to Program & A Remote Controller & A Spare Display, Besides programming, RasPad can be as a good Remote Stream Display, too.

Package List
  • RasPad x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1

Note: The Cooling Fan is not included in this kit;

Specification of the Cooling Fan
  • Part No.: 3007 mini Cooling Fan, with the JST connector.
  • Outline Dimension: 30*30*7MM
  • Rated Voltage: DC5V 
  • Voltage Range: 3.5V-6V
  • Starting Voltage: 3V
  • Rated Current: 0.17A+5%

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Better then expected By Colweb 2019-10-19 10:04:42

Did take 3 week to receive it but when it was finally delivered I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

After installing the Raspberry and powering it up it works perfectly.

Only thing is finding a fan that fits. That is a problem as most fans are too big (30x30mm or bigger while a 25x25mm is needed). A fan included with the product would be very nice.

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Everything worked fine,thank you SunFounder. By John 2019-06-25 08:22:48

I received my RasPad a while ago and finally got around to setting it up. Everything worked fine out of the box. I'll probably do the fan modification as well. Thank you SunFounder.

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Very nice display and the touchscreen works well By Raghav 2019-06-13 02:01:49

RasPad delivered safely by Royal Mail signed for with no customs charges. After the various comments by concerned backers I was not sure what to expect. However I have to say that the RasPad has exceeded all my expectations. Very nice professional packaging and good printed setup guide. I installed a Pi 3B with latest Raspbian Stretch and it booted up and ran smoothly from the start. Very nice display and the touchscreen works well - I don't have any misalignment at all. Added a small wireless keyboard with touchpad and this also works well. Have loaded up Libre Office, Sonic Pi, run some YouTube videos etc and all running smoothly.

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a really nice product By Samuel 2019-06-04 03:52:49

Just done the touchscreen update and I must say I am now very impressed with it.
Touch is spot on and very useable. The only small niggle now is the battery life.
But overall a really nice product. Thank you!

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Quality is way better than I expected By MrFaul 2019-05-29 09:17:51

RasPad arrived today and I'm really happy with it.

Quality is way better than I expected and it is very usable due to the raw power of the pi 3.

I found no issues with it in the short time I tested it before I decided to leave it charging.

Thank you for delivering more than I expected.

(I live in Germany)

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