2 Pack SG90 Micro Digital Servo Motor SF0180 TowerPro RC 9G

2 Pack SG90 Micro Digital Servo Motor SF0180 TowerPro RC 9G

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1. Pack of two micro servos.
2. Operating Voltage Range is 4.8V~6.0V.
3. Temperature range is -55 to +75.
4. Dead band width is 5usec.
5. Exquisite small, suitable for a variety of R/C Toys.

Test Environment Standard:
Every characteristic of the inspection must be normal temperature and humidity carry out the test, temperature 25±5℃ and relative humidity 65±10% of judgment made in accordance with this specification standard testing conditions.

Electrical Specification:
Operating speed(at 4.8V no load):  0.12 Sec/60°
Running current(at 4.8V no load):  140 m A
Stall torque(at locked 4.8V):  2.0 kg-cm
Stall current(at locked 4.8V):  520 m A
Idle current(at stopped 4.8V):  5 m A
Operating speed(at 6.0V no load):  0.09 Sec/60°
Running current(at 6.0V no load):  200 m A
Stall torque(at locked 6.0V):  2.5 kg-cm
Stall current(at locked 6.0V):  700 m A
Idle current(at stopped 6.0V):  5 m A

Note: Running current(at no load) definition is average value when the servo running with no load.

Control Specification:
Control system: Pulse width modification
Operating travel:  90°±5°
Neutral position:  1500 μ sec
Rotating direction:  Clockwise(When 1000~2000μ sec)
Pulse width range:  750~2250 μ sec
Maximum travel:  Approx 140 °(When 750~2250 μ sec)

Connector wire length:  190±5 mm
Limit angle:  200°±10°
Weight:  9 grams(without servo horn and screw)
Connector wire gauge:  #28 AWG
Horn gear spline:  21T
Horn type:  1/Cross, Two blade, One blade, Circle.
                   2/ Cross, Two blade, One blade.

2x SF0180 Micro Digital Servo Motor

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Seems OK By Jimmyvep 2019-12-04 06:01:07

Just what I needed for Arduino project. Has adequate torque for light to medium duty situations.

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